Bob’s Diary: Training and Trees.

Good morning

I have been put on a strict training program but I have a plan.

My tactics are as follows.

1. Wag tail enthusiastically at strangers – this encourages petting and stopping time.

2. Keep looking up into the trees. Maria stops to wonder what I am looking at and I get another rest.ippipp


3. Bark at hedges. Another stop while Ellie investigates the cause of my barking.

I have to say it is working wonderfully and I really do not mind walking when I apply these few simple steps.


7 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary: Training and Trees.

  1. Bob should consider a side-career as a Life Coach, these are excellent skills. Although wagging my tail is not an option, I can see how number 2 & 3 could be quite beneficial for my health and wellness.


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