Maria & Bob: It’s not easy

We decided,




to aim at doing a good deed every day. It is hard when you are thwarted at your first attempt.

A young mum was trying to lift her baby in his push-chair up a few steps. When Maria went to give her a hand, a young man rushed up to us and said, “You can’t lift that, I’ll do it for you.”

Maria glared at him and stomped off muttering “if I can bench press 35 kgs I think I could have managed.”

Never mind we will keep trying but has anyone else stumbled into this problem?


6 thoughts on “Maria & Bob: It’s not easy

  1. Well … I guess I could get offended at the way tellers invariably ask me whether I need help taking something out to my car (even if it’s just one or two small bags), but why discourage their effort to be thoughtful? I think, given the acute shortage of good manners and general kindness these days, it would be best to smile sweetly at such young men and say thank you. One has to wonder why he didn’t help the young mum himself, but maybe he was on his way and Maria just got there first?


    • Yes I agree with you, politeness should always be rewarded with a smile and a kind word.I have to add that I have never heard an Irish teller, cashier offering to carry a customers bags out to her or his car.

      You are correct in saying I just pushed my way in first. Thank you for commenting.


      • Oops … no, no, please – I didn’t mean to suggest you were “pushing”. I think you did exactly what I would have done. It’s just that I started out sort of wanting to criticize the young man for not offering to help the young mum before you did, and then it occurred to me that maybe he meant to but was slow on the uptake. Please forgive my poor phrasing!

        In South Africa they don’t offer to help either, but where I live now, in Washington State USA, they almost always ask if you seem in the least infirm (ie elderly or fat, and I’m verging on one and well into the other). (They don’t carry your bags out themselves; either the bagger will, or they call someone – but I will accept only if it’s a heavy load and I’m stupid enough to be shopping while sick.) The irony is that Africans (of the old school, anyway) venerate their elderly and find fat sexy. Clearly I’m on the wrong side of the planet.


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