A strange visitor

It was Friday and Maria kept hopping in and out of the house. She was leaving the oddest collection of stuff around but none of it edible so I wasn’t too interested in perfume and vouchers. Seemingly it was prizes for a raffle -whatever that is.

But one caught our eye.


I stayed out-of-the-way.


Ellie was brave though I don’t think she liked it.


She didn’t give up. Ellie spent a long time trying to persuade the doll to move.  I knew better dinner called for my attention.












5 thoughts on “A strange visitor

  1. Six years, can you believe it since I lost my best friend Otis, I hesitate to get another because losing him was losing half of me. I am beginning to realize that when you experience loss, the best thing to do is to replace that loss with other joy. I’ve tried but nothing compares to a best friend. I think I ought to take the leap. Slowly!


    • I sympathize with you, I have been there and it took me a long time to get over Ben and his unfortunate death. But I agree with you, it is good to replace your loss with another source of joy particularly when there are so many dogs out there needing a good home. I think when you are ready and open to the idea another friend will find you.
      (If you lived close I would send Bob around as he is a champion cuddler and very squishy.)


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