Bob’s Diary: Tips on how to be a better dog (Top Dog).

1, Always be polite, (Don’t snarl.)










2. Smile often , they love that.


bob normal



3.  Practice the how to gain sympathy look.






It will Pay off.



15 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary: Tips on how to be a better dog (Top Dog).

  1. I am a avid dog lover too having owned a handsome loving GSD who lived for 13 years. I believe dogs are naturally have a sweet nature. I am sure so does Bob 🙂


    • I have never been lucky enough to own a German Shepard, but I have known a few, clever, sweet and loyal dogs. I am often asked what breed Bob is and my smart answer is he is a Bob.
      Though from what I have read he is pretty typical of an Norwegian Elkhound, stubborn, a little lazy and easygoing but extremely loyal and loving. Thank you for dropping by, we appreciate it.


    • Bob is a very sociable dog who loves being adopted by neighbours, though his walks with them means a pit stop for a snack at their house or a visit to the shops (just like you would with a niece or nephew). If you lived close to me he would visit you frequently.

      On the boyfriend and cooking thought, I say tread lightly, as Pat’s first attempts at cooking were a bit hard to swallow. Thank you for stopping by.


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