Maria’s: Moving On

E-Book Cover

Illustration by:  Constantinos Thersippos Karentzos –  “Field”, a digital sketch of an original artwork, with model Sofia Doulgeraki

Moving On


Ally O’Brien s world has been knocked sideways by the death of her father. The breakup of her marriage leaves her feeling disillusioned about love.  For this romantic Irishwoman being a divorcee is not a trophy.

Ally wishes to move on with her life.

Trouble, she believed had arrived into her life via her inheritance.  Her inheritance consisted of her family home which was in need of repair and her father’s five dogs. Four of the dogs were part of his racing team. Ally returns to the sport of dog sledding, on wheels. She rediscovers the joy of competing and occasionally winning.

Tom Lynch is everything Ally should avoid, handsome and charming, with a different woman beside him each day of the week. He is used to winning. A woman who is indifferent to his charm creates a challenge.

Ally is certain of one thing, love is not for her.

However, Ally is everything Tom has been searching for.


It is available on Amazon  in paperback and on kindle.



12 thoughts on “Maria’s: Moving On

    • No I didn’t but the man who did designs covers for books.
      Illustration by: Constantinos Thersippos Karentzos
      “Field”, a digital sketch of an original artwork,
      with model Sofia Doulgeraki


      • Stuart,
        thank you for following us and commenting. Bob is asleep, snoring due to an overdose of strawberries and raspberries in my garden this afternoon. I picked them and put them in the container. He ate a few off the bushes and some from the container. But I’ll tell him you said hello when he wakes up.


  1. Maria ,
    Congratulations!! I’m so thrilled for you! So that’s what you’ve been doing at 2am in the morning when I got your emails (and I should be asleep!).
    Can’t wait to read it!
    Well done!
    Moira xx


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