Children’s Story: Milly Plants Ideas

Milly loves to help in the garden. “Squish, squash,” Milly sang jumping up and down on the seeds she planted. She wore her favorite bright green boots with pink butterflies painted on them.
Granddad said, “be kind to them Milly.”
“I am. See, first I dig a hole, then I cover them up with a blanket of soil. Then I make sure they are in good and safe.”
Granddad said, “Jumping on them and shouting isn’t being gentle. If you are gentle surprising things can happen,” Granddad said. “Try it and see.”
Milly liked surprises. She decided to try it on her pets. She sat on the grass whispering to Bob, (her dog) Brandy (Granddad’s lazy cat) and a fat blackbird who sat on the fence.
Milly said, “Brandy you are to catch the biggest mouse in the whole world.” He looked at her then went back to washing his paws.
“Mr. Blackbird, you will sing the best song ever.” The blackbird flew away.
“Bob you will learn to smile.” Milly said.

Granddad asked her what she was going to do. Her answer made him smile.
” I will plant ideas in the garden to grow.”
Granddad looked at his garden. It was very neat, “but perhaps not in the vegetable beds.”
Milly went into the house to find ideas to plant.
She found a cupcake recipe. She folded it over and sprinkled it with sugar. She picked the sunniest spot in the garden. She dug a large hole. Milly pressed the paper into the earth. On top of the paper she placed a red cherry. “I love cherries.”
In the house she found a hat that belonged to her granny. “I love hats but you need a scarf,” she murmured carrying it outside. With a soft ‘plonk’ it went into the ground.
After their lunch of tomato soup and fruitcake Milly went to help Granddad with his digging.
When they finished she was tired.

Milly sat on an old bucket and asked the blackbird. “Did you learn a sweet song?”
His answer was a sweet song.

Granddad said, “I told you, being kind and gentle works.”

She went in search of Brandy. She discovered he had found and eaten her two chocolate mice. “Don’t be sick,” she warned him going in search of Bob. She searched the whole house for him but could not find him.
“Milly, come and look at this.” Granddad shouted.
Down in Milly’s special flower bed she discovered a smiling Bob wearing a straw hat with a red scarf tied dangling from the brim. Bob was eating a large cherry cupcake. Granddad was sitting beside him on the grass minding four cupcakes.

“Great work Milly. Try the hat on.”
She did. “You were right Granddad. Surprising things happen when you are gentle and kind.”
They sat wearing big smiles as they ate cherry cupcakes in the evening sun.

 Bob’s Comment – 100th Post should have been about little young me!

So we compromised – Here I am: Spring is here but Summer is coming



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