Bob’s Diary: New Quest – Catching an Ogre

How to catch a scheming Ogre.

1.    Promise him the sun, moon and stars

2.     Don’t give him a straight answer just imply you will do everything he requests.

3.      Never mention money,

4.       Always smile and sympathise – even if you think he is the world’s best twat.

5.        Minions  (mine is called Ellie) come in handy for not only carrying out soon to be forgotten promises but also for taking the blame.

ellie and bob 007


4 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary: New Quest – Catching an Ogre

  1. I love dogs. I’ll come back and look to see what Bob is up to. I should also mention there’s a nice lady near me who rescues dogs and tries to find homes for them. She must have about 40. I visit them everyday and bring them hot dogs.


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