Bob’s Diary: Hiding From Miserable Irish Weather

Can you spot me?

bob hiding in grass 1

Maria couldn’t. It took her one pair of glasses

and a dinner bowl to find me.

bob hiding in grass2

It is the perfect spot for catching a batch of fairy cakes.


2 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary: Hiding From Miserable Irish Weather

  1. Bella loves miserable weather. This morning at 6 a.m. she went outside, when it as 11F. I could not get her to come back in for breakfast. she was busy trying to unearth some rodent(s) living under the bear-grass (yukka). She is sleeping soundly near the woodstove now.


    • I think, they have to be related. His favourite game is chasing mice, rats, squirrels. His favourite past time sleeping by the wood stove in the kitchen.
      Glad to hear Bella is making the most of the weather, thank you for stopping by.


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