Bob’s Diary: Sad Saturday

Hi, Maria got pulled away from her desk.



Sounded hopeful until we heard she sent a text.

It read, “Yeah – I’m on a bus”

I asked what’s a bus? The next one was more confusing, “I’m on the Dart. Hip Hip Hooray.”

Now she had both Ellie and me major confused.

Final message that was read aloud to us: “Am sitting in the stands, watched the Samoa Team do their Haka. Everyone looking for the ball and the game to start. See you later, give my love to Bob.”

No wonder Ellie is looking like this:



Ellie would rather Maria gave her a tennis ball and me,

I’m not fussy dinner would be good.


10 thoughts on “Bob’s Diary: Sad Saturday

    • Honestly, we are tripping over them in this house, last count was fifteen, trouble is she stashes them out of the way because my husband doesn’t like to see them lying about and he tidies them away. but I will tell Ellie, trouble is she might pack her bag and arrive at your house.


  1. Hello Bob- according to Jack Henry, dinner is always good-you can never have too much dinner-but the humans do not always see it that way. Thank you for visiting us at Little Dogs Laughed- we appreciate you taking the time to look!


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