Lives were ruined. We both knew this even as we ran. We were now officially on the run.  That last image of Jay was ghastly.

The copius amount of blood splaying from his head needed no words.  Jay was dead.  Sharon had stepped back  from him saying,”It was an accident. It was an accident.” She turned white. “But, no one will believe us – run.”

“No they will. We simply have to tell the truth.” My voice sounded weak.

“How?” Her voice was a screech. In the background police sirens got louder and louder.

I didn’t wait for her hand to grab mine. I was moving.  We stopped when we found a drainage pipe sitting in a disused building yard. We hid behind it.  I spoke aloud, ” how did we get to this? No how did I get to this?”

But I knew.  “We had tried to reason with Jay. He demanded our money. We didn’t have any. Truth is we had been lying to him from the start. Our scam had failed. Worse he had been running a higher grade scam that had caught us in his trap.”

Sharon smiled and then sighed. It was a good plan. “A honey trap.” Sharon called it.

“Stupid me, desperate for money went along with it. How did I let you talk me into this?” Even as I wondered aloud she worked her magic.

Wrapping her arms around me she smiled, “You know I can talk anyone into anything.”

We held the look between us as instructed earlier.

The loud voice intervened, “It’s a wrap. ”

This morning we had started early. Joe had come to me and whispered. “Only one scene to film today and with any luck we can call it quits tonight.”

There was a moment’s silence. The air filled with applause. Technicians and camera men stepped back, happy they could get home early for a change.

Then everything went wrong, when the stunt man playing Jay lay there, not breathing blood splayed about his body.

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