Cinderella Sisters – Going digital

pic559418_th                                                 20th April 2013

Dear Dot,

Ten years , to the day, since you abandoned me. How have I survived?

I will not enquire about you-know-who .  Huh, why did we ever marry them?

We should have had the gumdrops to go gadding about the world.  We’d be married to a couple of millionaires, instead of our grumpy old codgers!

Could I trade him in for a decent handbag, what do you think?

Anyway the point of this monologue is:  I am  – going digital! Please write back with your email address!
Also , close your mouth before all the flies zoom in and give you all sorts of peculiar diseases, like poor Mrs. Henry next door!
Being digital will be a great blessing. It means I won’t have to do the dreaded gauntlet run into the village to get a stamp or post a letter.
How nosy are people these days? Last week,  Mr. Dunne suggested it was time I invested in a new boulder holder, (his exact words), I told him he would be better off if he solved his own problems first, like his spouse’s rambling problem.
He’s still staring at me for that one. I wonder how long it will take him to find out about his missus?

Lots of love,


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