“Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable



That is a question I keep asking myself and the answer is not simple. They thought I needed a friend, so we all drove to Sligo with me making sure I knew the way back, just in case.

I viewed a whole kennel full of dogs. Then this crazy pup appeared jumping on me like a sheep and she wouldn’t let go, kept tagging along with me, so I caved in and she came back with us.

ellie and bob 017

We are opposites in every way,  she is crazy, I am laid back and sane,

ellie and bob 053


But it works – just like most human relationships. Yes  or No?

ellie and bob 006


2 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

    • Hi Mitch,

      Her given name was Aluna, I christened her Looney? What do you think?
      Sally and Maria christened her Ellie, so I suppose it is no wonder she looks a tad confused.



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