Dear Hetty

1st May 2013

Dear Hetty,
I can’t believe you are entering the world of digi fun!
What the heck happened? You always said you didn’t want to go digital. I’m speechless. You forgot to tell me, what’s wrong with Mrs. Henry? Poor dear, I always appreciated her hot scones and homemade jam.

As for Mr. D I have no wish to meet him since our last meeting, A disaster for me, handsome young Mr. Elliot,  and the chocolate cream pie I was carrying. I wonder how Mr. E. explained the red lipstick he was wearing along with copious amounts of pie?

Yes, I agree it’s best not to mention our other halves. I am dreaming of trying silicone injections on him – perhaps he will be stiff and sad for a century or two.

As for trading him in! I don’t have enough money to consider that, anyone who took him without a couple of million as a bribe would have to be mad.

Back to the important stuff, my address is:
How about you call yourself
Then we can revert to our younger years and be the Cinderella Sisters once again.
Sending lots of heat and love your way,



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